Sanjay Dutt Release from Jail after Spending 42 Months of as Prisoner

It’s good news for the fans of Indian action movies hero Sanjay Dutt. He just released from jail after completing his prisoner period. Sanjay Dutt release today and a number of his fans were standing outside of the jail to welcome on this big day. Sanjay was serving in the jail as the prisoner number 16656.

sunjay dutt relese 2016

It was emotional moment when the actor walked from the Pune’s jail after completing his prison term. His conviction was started in 1993 about Mumbai serial blasts case. However, he has to spent about 42 months since 2013 in the Mumbai serial blasts case, however now Sanjay Dutt has released from the jail.

However, this full sentence duration would end up in November 2016 but as a he was grantee to have remission of 7 days each month as per this court decision Sanjay Dutt release in February 2016. He got the remission because of good behavior in jail during his prison period. During this prison duration he was hosting the jail radio station.

When he walk throughout the jail he salute the jail and Indian flag and by putting his bag on the ground then move outside of the jail. When Sanjay walk out from jail a number of people was standing to say him welcome and shows their love for the famous actor of Bollywood industry.

Sunjay Dutt Release video

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